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Writing is the most curious proposition in life in that you have the ability to reach an entire planet with your book but the experience of crafting those words is one you undertake alone. Whilst that at times can be refreshingly pleasant, sometimes it can lead to issues of self-doubt, motivation, or you just getting stuck.

That can happen at any stage in the process – beginning, middle or end. Crucially too, it can occur when you have written your book and you don’t know what to do with it.

That is why I focus my 121 coaching on the business of writing and the business of the writing. From the practicalities of getting started to the realities of getting published… any everything else in between. Nothing is off limits from Writer’s Block to contracts, from crafting great dialogue to cliff-hanger chapter endings, publishing to self-publishing, from getting an agent to doing a sports biography, from your social media technique to handling reviews, from manuscript layout to selecting a title…


And remember…the Secrets of a Ghostwriter apply regardless of whether you are ghosting or writing as yourself.

My YouTube videos will give you an indication of the variety of areas we can cover.

I know also that sometimes you just need to talk…

121 coaching and mentoring online by whichever method you are comfortable with.

Cancellation policy is attached when you book. Prices are quoted in English pounds but I work globally across different time zones.


Manuscript appraisal consists of feedback on your manuscript. It does not consist of a proof-read for typos etc. It is content-driven and will feedback on the work itself.


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