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It can take courage to ask for help. Nobody likes going back to school. You might need a coach but just as likely, a companion. Tony writes over half a million words a year and recognises the solitude of the job. He will tailor every session specifically and uniquely for you.

Stuck? Hit a wall? Can’t get going again? Left the manuscript too long? Haven’t found the time? Kids playing up? Been poorly? Job taking up too much of your time? Not feeling it?

Tony understands this. One conversation can turn this around.

  1. Don’t Do It All By Yourself At every stage in life we normally have a coach – from parents to school teachers, from mortgage advisers to wedding planners, from personal trainers to pensions. Except in writing – arguably the most solitary profession on the planet.
  2. Your Story And Writing Experience Are Individual To You: People need different things from a coach – for the majority, it is simply motivation (‘writer’s block’); for others it can be technical such as writing dialogue or commercial (my book is not selling) or social media (I am getting no traction) or legal (is this right in the contract?) or something else.  The business of writing and the business of writing.
  3. Is There Anything To Lose? Some people were very kind to Tony when he started out and he has never lost sight of that. That is why you can book half an hour free right now with no obligation to book further sessions. Quite possibly, you just want to chat and are not sure what about. That is totally fine.
  4. Book Your Space Via Calendly. Mindful of the fact that many writers or those aspiring to be, have jobs too, this service is available seven days a week and at off peak times, and regardless of whatever level you are at. Of course, this does get booked up, so plan ahead!
  5. Deadline Approaching? If your request for help is urgent, please email and mark it so. You don’t need to panic. If you receive no response within two hours between 0800 and 2000 UK time, then please call. Messages sent overnight will be seen first thing in the morning.

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