How to turn your story in a book?

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About Ghostwriting


Ghostwriting is where you hire somebody to write your book for you. It is one of the oldest professions in the world and now increasingly widespread. It takes time, of which many people are short, and skill.
Tony will transform your ideas and experiences into captivating literary masterpieces and will remain committed to guiding you through the entire journey, from initial concept to publication and beyond. Here’s a closer look at what ghostwriting entails:

  1. Your Book, Your Voice: It is your story in your own words. Your book will be crafted from start to finish while maintaining your individual touch.
  2. Unleash Your Inner Author Everyone has a story to tell, whether it’s a personal memoir, a thrilling adventure, or insightful expertise. It is never too late to share your narrative with the world.
  3. Limitless Creativity There are no boundaries when it comes to subject matter. Explore the Portfolio page, which includes books on topics as diverse as crime, darts, business, entertainment, whistleblowing, and much more. Your story can be the next idea brought to life.
  4. Efficient Timeline That You Can Work To You need to budget time, retaining a couple of 90-minute slots free per week for approximately three months to share your story with Tony via videoconferencing. Then it will take about four to five months to write, followed by an additional couple of months for the preparation of your manuscript for publication. It can be done quicker, but you will need more budget and more time.
  5. Plan Ahead It is never too early to get in touch, even if you can’t start your project right away. Tony is in high demand and will already be engaged in existing projects when you make contact. Getting in touch early secures your space in the months ahead.
  6. Confidentiality Guaranteed Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. Rest assured that everything you share will be handled with the utmost discretion and kept in strict confidence. Sensitive documents shared in the process will always be returned.