“I have just finished the book. All I can say is, wow! I absolutely love it. I had no idea it would be so gripping. Tony, you’ve done an excellent job with some brilliant raw material!”

Iain Dale

LBC and former MD of Biteback Publishing

“I have nothing in common with Tony Horne, but we have become inseparable. He is a workaholic who can write brilliance at speed. I promise he will do your book justice, and get into your head. He’s that good that after about a week, you’ll find he is just finishing your sentences for you. If you have a story, I really do urge you to email this man.”

Craig Summers

High Risk Team BBC

“I have to say, I can think of no better endorsement for the book than to recount the fact that, at 5am on Tuesday morning as I was proofreading at the fag end of an all-nighter, I was still really appreciating the book, despite it being the fourth time I’d read it… By the time I got to the trial material I was flagging, But the skill and humour in your writing pulled me through.”

Sam Carter

Commissioning Editor, One World.

”If you need to tell your story to someone who understands its sensitivities and you need to turn it around quickly, I would only recommend this man. For accuracy, speed, pathos, wit, turn of phrase, and for guiding you through the whole process, we really couldn’t have made a better choice in inviting a stranger into our lives.”

Kath Rathband

“People kept saying to me ‘reading your book I could actually picture you saying that’ And that’s down to Tony’s skill of tapping into your personality”

Shayne Burgess

Darts Player

“Got me, read me, wrote me! Ghostwriter and Editor of my Taylor Made”

Liz Taylor

Celebrity Party Planner

”If you need to tell your story to someone who understands its sensitivities and you need to turn it around quickly, I would only recommend this man. For accuracy, speed, pathos, wit, turn of phrase, and for guiding you through the whole process, we really couldn’t have made a better choice in inviting a stranger into our lives.”

Jeremy Thompson

MD, Troubador Publishing Ltd

“I knew as soon as I started reading it that Tony’s work on David Rathband’s book was top class. He is an excellent ghostwriter, with a brilliant eye for detail and the ability to capture his subject’s voice perfectly.”

Humfrey Hunter

Agent Hunter Profiles, CEO Silvertail Books

“At the Ghostwriters Unite conference Tony shared the reality of reaching inside other people’s lives that comes when you commit to telling their stories and truly follow through on that commitment. He showed us the kind of raw and real integrity that we all should strive to achieve in our reporting, writing, and for that matter living.”

Dave Patterson


“It was great having Tony at the Ghostwriters Unite! conference. His professional insights, realism and humor on the panels made them informative and engaging. Hope to see him back next year.”

Julie Diane Moore


“Tony is a gifted storyteller, with a keen eye for details that make a story pop. He takes mundane events and turns them into compelling narrative, told from a perspective that keeps readers engaged. He has big stories to share in the world, starting with small hooks”

Helen Chang

CEO and Senior ghostwriter AuthorBridgeMedia.com

“Tony was one of a panel of four who gave a mini-conference at the 2013 Ghostwriters Conference (Convention) in Long Beach, California. In terms of his dedication to what he was there to do at that given time, he was way out in front of the pack with respect to staying ‘down to earth’ and completely out of his own way, as well as listening and responding pointedly to the concerns of the attendees. Not knowing Tony otherwise, I’d say that it’s easily a substantive guess that he conducts himself and his professional affairs in a like manner. I hope to stay in contact with Tony for some time to come.”

Paul Bobino


“Tony Horne is that rare combination of genuine and genius. Whether in print or in person, his genius in artfully telling people’s stories draws you into a whole other world—the one he’s created—and won’t let you go. But once you understand the heart he puts into every single tale, you can’t help but be moved by his genuine spirit. What an awesome person to work with.”

Derek Lewis


“It’s no accident that Tony Horne is the UK’s most in demand ghostwriter. Not only is he smart, fast and talented, he’ll mind meld with you so that he truly understands your story. And he’ll capture that story so authentically that when you read it, you’ll feel as if you wrote it yourself. I fully expect his work to show up on bestseller lists in the U.S. any day now.”

Toni Robino

New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter - www.windwordliteraryservices.com

“Tony Horne was an amusing and appealing speaker at the first international conference of ghostwriters, Ghostwriters’ Unite, at Long Beach in California in May. His anecdotes about writing the compelling stories of others were memorable. Everyone was particularly impressed with his Skype hook-up with one of the subjects of his book.”

Libby Harkness

Australia's Leading Ghostwriter

“Tony truly understands people, plain and simple. From the moment you meet him, you find yourself telling him your life story without even realizing it! That’s one of the biggest reasons why he’s such an extraordinary writer. He captivates the raw essence of your story and keeps the reader hooked page after page. Tony is fearless. No story is too gritty nor is any one person too challenging for him. I am privileged to know Tony both personally and professionally. If he writes your story, you’re one of the lucky ones.”

Steven Weiss-Smith

Founder - BioNovel, Inc.

“Tony Horne is a fantastic fast-working ghost who focusses the mind.”

Steve Brookstein

X Factor winner 2004

“There are many facets to my story. Tony got all of them with skill, compassion and patience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone and consider him now one of my closest friends”

Kenny Thomas


“There was so much more to be told about the events that followed the attempted murder of an unarmed police officer. The adjustment to PC Rathband’s life & the dignity to keep himself professional in a court knowing two people in that room were directly complacent in destroying his life is a riveting read. His faith in the law & his experience shines as an example, that he stayed strong to to protecting the public & colleagues until the end. The chapter added by Tony Horne after David couldn’t cope, brings tears to my eyes writing this review. You have to read this book.”

Amazon Review

Tango 190

“Great book with lots or real life stories you can match up with news stories you have watched over the years.
You can now see how John Simpson, Ben Brown, Panorama etc actually get to the front line or undercover to file the news reports we all watch.
I have always wondered how the secret footage on these documentaries is obtained, now I know.
Good all round view of news gathering in far flung corners of the world under intense pressure to be first on air for the big events.
Highly Recommended.”

Amazon Review

Bodyguard: My Life On The Frontline

“This book is an entertaining, compelling & interesting read.
What an amazing journey to follow. Reading this book really drew me in and made me feel as though I was part of the quest.
The book is full of historical anecdotes and very well written.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Red Lioness’ and would heartily recommend it to everyone.”

Amazon Review

The Red Lioness

“Necessarily, due to the long period this book covers, entire years fly by as police officer Ian James poses as a paedophile and gains the trust of those he seeks to unmask. If this book has a fault, it is that many details must have been missed in order to cover the whole scope of the various operations the author was involved in. However, the main incidents are told in a fascinating, matter of fact style. This guy wants to educate, not self pubicise.
Particularly of interest was the section on the rise of the internet and a whole new set of challenges.
An interesting, and yes, powerful book, more than worth the price for those interested in police procedures or police undercover operations.”

Amazon Review

Save One Child

“A book written from the heart and soul, describing the lifelong pain, anguish and consequences only someone who has been there can understand. That Terry has carried such guilt all his life is heartbreaking. The only ones to blame were the monsters who committed the atrocious crimes, yet still exist those words “if only” This book gives an insight to the struggles of life after such a tragedy. And how it has terrible knock on effects for generations to come. Terry West wrote this book with such emotional honesty he draws you in from the start. I highly recommend that you read it.”

Amazon Review

If Only