Every year Tony spends hundreds of hours on the phone with writers, whatever stage they are up to in their book journey. When he started out, people helped him too. It is a unique industry because so much knowledge is stored inside people’s heads, and the process of writing can by nature be solitary.

The industry is constantly evolving and we all learn from every book. Sometimes, so much effort is put into the business of writing that we give little thought to the of writing. That is to say that writing a book involves tremendous effort and ability, selling the damn thing is a whole new set skillset.

That is why Tony has begun compiling a library of video tutorials that need never end. Hopefully if you are stuck or want a second opinion, there is a tutorial covering it, and if there isn’t let us know.

The tutorials start with a 45 minute webinar: Seven Ways To Get Your Writing Career Started. Almost all of the tutorials run at just under ten minutes. They include:


Unique Professional Tips

Industry Knowledge

Personal Case Studies


And make sure you subscribe because we will keep on adding to them.

Get yourself underway right now and see which tutorials can help you, and we will see you next time when The Secrets Of A Ghostwriter continues…