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1 You Know You’ve Got A Book In You But Have No Idea How Some of the people whose stories feature below came to Tony with just one sentence in their head. They were certain that they had something but did not know to make it happen.

2 Your Story Is Different Tony knows that your story is personal. With his skill and experience, he can make it universal.

3 No Subject Is Off Limits Some of these books are really tough with heart-breaking stories, others are heaps of fun or contain words of wisdom from leaders in their fields. If you don’t see your genre here, that means there is a hole in the market. If you do, then people already are looking for a book like yours. It is a win-win situation.

4 It Is Your Story Note: Your name on the cover every time and never the ghost. It is your story and yours alone.

5 What If I Want To Change The Manuscript When It Is Written? This is totally normal, expected and desired! Nothing goes to print until you say so. You retain editorial control. Your story is safe with Tony.

6 What Does It Cost To Hire The Ghostwriter? Normally, you will engage the ghostwriter for twelve months. You will be heavily involved in the process in the first three when you tell Tony your story and the last three when you review your manuscript. Fees are variable according to the project and your budget but are payable in advance on a monthly basis. If you can visualise your book being displayed here soon, get in touch for a virtual coffee!

A Selection of Tony’s Work