Craig Summers – Bodyguard

Craig Summers had one of the most dangerous jobs in television. His task? Keeping adventurous celebrities alive. Summers was the BBC’s security advisor through some of its most turbulent years. His job took him to war zones, scenes of natural disaster and big international sporting events – as well as on undercover operations involving child trafficking, football hooliganism and narcotics. Using his extensive military experience – he served with the British forces in both the Falklands War in 1982 and the Balkans conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina – he has been the right-hand man, confidant and enforcer to many adventurous celebrities, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Gary Lineker, John Simpson and Matthew Pinsent. In Bodyguard Summers talks extensively about these relationships, demonstrating how his knowledge and experience have been vital in keeping BBC casualties to a minimum. From Kabul, to Gaza, to Zimbabwe, Summers has escorted and protected some of our biggest stars through testing and hazardous conditions. These are the stories of some of the key events of our time, from the inside out.