Liz Taylor – Taylor Made

“No holds barred. Liz is a party planning force to be reckoned with. A straight talker and a creative achiever. Yet under the tough business woman, beats the heart of a great and loyal friend.” Gary Neville

“When Liz says jump, we all say ‘how high’!” Mark Wright

“Liz Taylor – simply one of the kindest, funniest, maddest friends I have.” Ruth Holmes

“If you were marooned on a desert island with Liz, she wouldn’t build a life raft. You’d have a cruise ship within the hour! Just love her.” Catherine Tyldesley

“When you want the wedding of your dreams, there is only one number to call. Imagination without bounds, reason or logic – Liz takes your vision and transforms it into a dream day.” Sally Lindsay

There are times when I have to pinch myself. As I stand in Kensington Palace coordinating an event for the future King. Thanksgiving dinner with Robbie and Ayda Williams and their A-List guests. Or ironing Howard Donald’s shirt, as the Take That star practices his best man speech. Insane moments in a roller coaster life.

“Elizabeth would be more productive if she wasn’t so bossy.” My school report read, aged 4. That bossiness, or determination as I prefer to think of it, has driven me to achieve beyond my dreams. Much to the dissatisfaction of my domineering father, I didn’t pursue a safe career, I opted to captain my own ship and navigate the world of professional event management. Combining my pathological attention for detail, steely business focus and endless creative drive, I forged successful businesses spanning over 35 years. Creating lavish events for stars of stage, screen, music and sports, alongside business icons and political leaders. Recessions, three failed marriages and Covid-19, life has undoubtedly dealt me challenges. Each has made me strive harder. Finding my brand of optimism in everyday things.

A multi-million event management business and a thriving consultancy keeps me motivated. And the pinnacle of the last three decades – two incredible daughters and four grandchildren whom I adore. My journey is not a typical entrepreneur’s guide, but there is nothing typical about my world. It’s a real life told in fabulous memories.